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Our mission is to bring beauty and delight to our collectors while also bringing sustainable prosperity built on local expertise to the artisans and artisan collectives with whom we partner.


Our collections are borne of our abiding love of exquisite objects handcrafted with care using a combination of time-honored and contemporary techniques. We take special delight in sourcing objects made from elemental materials of the finest quality, as well as in procuring one-of-a-kind objects reflecting the distinct aesthetic sensibilities of the individual artisans who create them.


It is an honor to share with you a curated collection of pieces embodying the qualities that we at Sage Collective associate with the designation “Made in China” - an abiding respect for the intrinsic beauty of raw materials, a design sensibility rooted in functionality and grace, and exquisite craftsmanship that draws on China’s four thousand year history of artistic and technological innovation. 


In many parts of China, a sizable demographic of mostly female handworkers and artisan-entrepreneurs lacks direct access to collectors outside their immediate geographic areas. By serving as a bridge between makers and markets, we remove this common obstacle to Chinese handcraft-based enterprises. In doing so, we support the artistic development and economic self-empowerment of individual makers and their families, as well as the growth of local economies built on artisanal skill, small-scale community enterprise, and fair, safe, sustainable production practices.