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Sage: from Latin "Sapere" - have good taste, to be wise, to discern



Sage Collective is a lifestyle brand that reflects Chinese aesthetics, exquisite craftsmanship, and cultural traditions. Our concept store is home to three things: a design shop, a tea room, and exhibition & event space. We welcome everyone to come to enjoy the hospitality, shopping, and cultural events throughout the year. Sage Collective aspires to straddle between the East and the West and provide a platform for sage-minded individuals to come together and learn.



An urban sanctuary tea room experience.

The menu is inspired by an ancient story, where Chinese sage Shennong tasted a hundred herbs to start the tradition of Chinese healing cuisine that has since found its way onto the dinner tables of every Chinese family. The tea room carries on the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese medicine and offers modernized dishes with clean, seasonal ingredients based on the philosophy of living in balance and harmony with the seasons. The tea room provides a calm and soulful space, featuring 52 seats including 8 bar seats and a 6-guest semi-private tea room. 

In the morning, the menu will offer fresh baked goods and toasts. Throughout the afternoon and evening, the tea room will feature an extensive selection of Chinese teas and light fare. The bar menu will feature tea-infused drinks, biodynamic wines, champagne, and craft beer. The food and beverage program focuses on nourishing guests’ body and mind to return to the true being of a creative, energetic, and harmonious self.                           



The event programming is designed to form and educate a community around Chinese contemporary culture and wellness. The store will offer a variety of events including tea tasting 101 to artist on-site demonstrations, as well as rotating art exhibitions.



Nurture Chinese culture while enhancing social harmony.

We are on a quest to unlock minority ethical cultures in some of the most unspoiled places on earth. We present trade as a force for bringing long-term economic growth to local communities through job empowerment and preserving cultural traditions.  Learn More


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